All releases I have made since the first in 1983 on vinyl, CD, DVD and Digitals. Releases are ordered in categories

Contemporary – here you’ll find all music that comes in score form, or that is mostly dependent on it; Electronic and Improvised – combinations with instrumentalists and with a significant element of improvisations, plus older jazz records; Classical – art music in the traditions of Western music from J.S. Bach to Carl Nielsen; Lars From Mars – experimental techno music I have released under this moniker.

You can get a full and detailed overview of all releases at Discogs.


Venus, dacapo 6.220628
CD released October 2015, the 2-channel and surround format CD features compositions for soloists, ensembles, orchestra and conductors from NYU Steinhardt, composed as part of Lars’ activities as Visiting Faculty Artist there.

Body, Legs; Head
CD released 1996 and re-released 2016, this CD contains six compositions for large ensemble. Performed by the Icelandic Caput Ensemble and Christian Eggen, with soloists Zbigniew Dubik (violin) and Lionel Party (harpsichord)

Works for Flute and ISPW
Compostions by Cort Lippe, Takayuki Rai and Philippe Manoury, the CD was originally released in 2000 and re-released 2016 and contains core repertoire for the legendary IRCAM Signal Processing Workstation, an early interactive music platform developed in the 1980es at the French Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music.

To Forget You Is To Forget My Name – Orchestra Works, vol. II
With Andras Adorjan, flute and Jan Wagner, conductor, the CD was released 1998 and re-released 2017 and contains the three orchestra compositions Lars made while composer-in-residence 1996-1999 at Odense Symphony Orchestra, Denmark.

Four Songs, Of Desire And Sadness – Orchestra Works, vol. I
Double-CD released 1996 and re-released 2016, it contains works composed between 1986 and 1996. With soloists Sofia Asunción Claro, harp, and Simona Saturova, soprano with Querétaro Philharmonic and Pomeranian Philharmonic conducted by Sergio Cardenas and Sigmund Rychert

Pillars To The Heavens
CD released 1997 on a commission for brass band, mixed choir, organ and harp, the music is set to spiritual texts from varuous cultures across the world.

Tears Of Dionysius
A DVD released 2010, the hour-long mixed media work is performed by Caput Ensemble under the direction of Gudni Franzson and with text recitation by Stina Ekblad. The accompanying video was created by Thomas Hejlesen on the basis of black-and-white erotic and pornographic films from the first half of the 20th century.


CD release from Q3 2017, with an experimental trio of Keisuke Matsuno on electric guitar, Moritz Baumgärtner on drums and percussion and Lars’ generative-interactive laptop. Recorded in one session, the musical styles range from intense power trio to spacious and serene ambient. Videoclip by Iñaki Muñoz.

What Actually Happened
Digital release from Q4 2016 recorded in Berlin, a duo setting with Lars’ generative-interactive laptop and Moritz Baumgärtner on drums and percussion. This adventurous setting displays a strong techno influence albeit in tempos and densities that go from fast minimal to slow ambient.

Videoclip by

Digital release from Q2 2016 recorded at Dolan Studio, NYC, New York, it is the second release that features Keisuke Matsuno’s imaginative electric guitar work and Lars’ generative-interactive laptop in a strident and potent, improvised noise-techno display.

Digital release from Q1 2016 and the second with ‘Infernal Machines’, Lars’ duo with Hans Tammen performing on his Endangered Guitar. Recorded at Dolan Studio, NYC, New York, Lars anchors Hans’ expansive sonic flights with strong rhythms with a clear influence from techno and industrial.

Digital duo release from Q3 2015 with Danish guitarist Mikkel Ploug and Lars’ generative-interactive laptop. Recorded in Copenhagen, the marked influence from African music came about via Mikkel’s contribution towards melody, harmonic progression and form.

The Yurodny Files
Digital release from Q2 2015, the release contains a set of re-workings and assemblies of conducted recordings by the European folk-band Yurodny. Recorded at Aalborg University Copenhagen as part of a collaboration with Dan Overholt from the university’s Medialogy Department.

Fact Machine
Digital duo release from Q4 2014 with French-US pianist Jean-Michel Pilc. Recorded at Dolan Studio, NYC, New York, it features a musical style that leans on the 90es.

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Digital duo release from Q3 2014 with US-German-Japanese electric guitarist Keisuke Matsuno, it features a less decorated style of playing. Recorded at Dolan Studio, NYC, New York with a videoclip by Sebastian Schmidt.

Infernal Machines
Digital release from Q2 2014, Hans Tammen’s Endangered Guitar joins Lars’ generative-interactive laptop in duo of the same name. Recorded at Dolan Studio, NYC, New York, it is in a free associating style that mostly hinges on noise, even though there are clear rhythm elements in quasi-repeated patterns.

Second release as Adduce, a digital release from 2013 with Equipo (Juan Cristobal Saavedra) as a collaborative effort in recording, edit and mix. Recorded in Barcelona, the music represents a common ground and shows elements from the 80es and 90es.

Studio recording made at Dolan Studio, NYC, New York with NYU Improvisers’ Ensemble and US flautist Robert Dick, together with Lars’ generative-interactive laptop. Digital release from 2012 , it features three duos with Robert Dick that each focus on a limited range of his flutes, together with two pieces for ensemble and laptop.

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We Should Have Turned Left Earlier
Studio recording made at Dolan Studio, NYC, New York with NYU Jazz Composers’ Ensemble and Lars’ generative-interactive laptop. Digital release from 2012 , it features two original tracks and two remixes by the artist duo aeoeaa and by German Grischa Lichtenberger.

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One Up
Digital duo release from 2011 with Australian double-bass Mike Majkowski recorded at Sydney Music Conservatorium. The electronics accompany the untreated double-bass as Mike explores unconventional performance techniques for sonic unity.

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Digital release from 2010, it is the first album by Adduce, an electronic duo with Equipo (the Chilean Juan Cristobal Saavedra). Recorded in Barcelona, the music seeks a common ground and displays elements from the 80es through the 00es.

Marginal Reset – Psychoacoustic Evergreens

Digital release from 2009 with Sven Hahne’s live electronics, Matias Muche’s trombone and Lars’ generative-interactive laptop under the name Marginal Reset. Recorded in Germany, edited and mastered by Sven Hahne. 

Out Of Somewhere
Trio and duo jazz settings from 1989 with Paul Banks, guitar and voice, Finn Ziegler, vibraphone and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, double-bass

Jazz fusion recording from 1986 with Finnish guitarist Jukka Tolonen, Bostief, electric bass and Alex Riel, drums

Vinyl release of latin- and etno-jazz from 1984 in a quartet with Lars on flute and Christian Sievert, guitar, Hugo Rasmussen, double-bass and Bjarne Rostvold, drums.


Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonatas for flute and harpsichord, partita for flute

Carl Nielsen


Music for Flute and Guitar, vol. II

Music for Flute and Harp, vol. I

Music for Flute and Guitar, vol. I





Red Stuff


Life On Mars?

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