Lars Graugaard is a Danish composer, musician and producer who mixes computer coding, score composing, ecological musicology and laptop performance. His output goes from symphonic music and interactive opera through adventurous performances with improvising musicians to experimental live forms of techno and rave.

“While 42 minutes may seem short measure in terms of real time, to extend the appetite metaphor in Slonk there is enough musical nutrition in these three items here to justify the conceit of the disc as a whole…” – Richard Hanlon, MusicWeb, on Slonk (Kairos 0015039KAI)

“Overall an interesting and, above all, successful concept which has produced a very listenable avant-garde space music.” – Musik an Sich, on What Actually Happened

“The result is a kind of techno-mutant improvisation that is fun and fanciful, constantly changing and surprisingly psychedelic, danceable and humorous.” – Blow Up, on Persect

Blog entries

  • Towards a natural sound amplification

    Half-way through my composer-in-residence with Icelandic Caput Ensemble, a further two compositions will be forthcoming in 2020. Dealing with structural [...]

  • Composer-in-residence with Caput Ensemble

    I am thrilled beyond words to initiate a two-year period as composer-in-residence with the Icelandic Caput Ensemble, one of Europe’s best ensembles [...]

  • Album releases final third of 2018

    Four albums will be released with my music this fall, covering all the aras that I am active in. Already out is the physical release of ‘Engage and [...]

  • Beyond Borders

    On a grant from the Danish Arts Council I began working in May 2017 with the Leipzig based band ITOE. The collaboration named Beyond Borders will end [...]

  • Great reviews for ‘Venus’

    The ‘Venus’ album, now out on dacapo, has received some excellent reviews. Culture Catch has it as one of 2015’s best classical releases [...]