Can Felipa by night

The concert I played last night at Can Felipa was interesting for a number of reasons. Alba G. Corral did visuals, and she is very interesting to work with because she has a very nice plasticity in her work. This makes it a very good balance to the somewhat rich and suggestive sonic experience that we have with adduce.

Alba G. Corral

This was also referred to in a recent review in The Clinic. Apart from that, the concert was by far and away the best we have made until now. We did all five tracks from our recent release, and we ran up towards 60 minutes playing time. But the material is quite varied, and there was a constant red thread in the music so no musical let-downs. In short, very promising for our upcoming tour.

This concert was also the debut of my froiend Sebastian Schmidt – SCH – as VJ. He combined super8 footage with a selection of pix of variious drawn shapes. I think that a narrative as the one suggested by super8 footage in particluar can be a very good approach for him. It is his way of working in abstract film, and he should best work to transport that into some form of realtime visual counterpoint to the music. He will do the visuals fr my concert coming June 5 at Mostra Sonora i Visual – exciting!

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