Providing Rhythm Patterns in Sound Synthesis

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“A parameterized periodic synthesis update model for applying organized rhythm and periodicity to sound synthesis is described. An event pattern is combined with a distance pattern to create a dynamic pattern in a normalized space, which is used for parameter update according to distance to the subsequent parameter value. The model has been tested with linear and non-linear synthesis techniques, and it has been used in performance of interactive music.”

In Proceedings of International Computer Music Conference 2006. New Orleans, Louisiana USA, November 6-11 2006. ISBN: 0-9713192-4-3

My main areas of research is advanced music composition, real-time music technology and music cognition. I am particularly interested in the relationship between core emotions and score notation and performance features, as well as novel methods for generative real-time performance that are founded in non-expert music cognition.

Some years ago I was involved in the Nordic SUM project – Systematic Understanding of Music – and a large part of the project concerned the implementation into computer code of concepts from probabilistic melody generation for real-time performance.

This work has since found its way into several commercial releases and is today a constant presence in my live laptop performances, either in duo or small group formats with a variety of instrumentalists or as a solo performer.