Katrin Beckmann

Now here’s a nice surprise: a couple of video sketches by Katrin Beckmann where she’s using older material of mine from Marsism.

So much is happening all the time that I tend to forget the true nature of what I have been doing. But Katrin’s videos made me recall and reconsider these older tracks, and it was a very nice experience. My performance tool has developed a lot since I made then, and a few things – particularly regarding the mix – I would do different today. But the tracks do have some nice and strong ideas, with a very logical and natural development, and Katrin reaches into that very nicely, creating suspense and expectancy.

As I am preparing for my Mindwaves release, I will surely go back and get an impression of what I did, to see what kind of spin-offs this could produce for my new tracks. And who knows – maybe I can convince Katrin to do a video for it?

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