Babilu volati was created and developed by;

Bruno Herbelin

Graphics and visual performance

Bruno Herbelin is assistant professor at the department of Software and Media Technology in Aalborg University Copenhagen (Denmark) and researcher at the Sensorama Laboratory. He received his PhD in "Computer graphics and virtual reality" in 2005 from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne for his reseach work on virtual reality exposure therapy for social phobia. His current research interests covers Virtual Reality, interactive systems and the application of computer technologies for rehabilitation and art.

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Lars Graugaard

Composition and music performance

Lars Graugaard is a musician, composer, and electronic performer. He is research fellow at Danish Centre for Design Research. He received his PhD in Interactive Music in 2006 from Oxford Brookes University for his work on technical and artistic issues of gesture and emotion in interactive music, and he received a Master’s Diploma in flute performance in 1983 from The Royal Danish Academy of Music. His current artistic activities are centered around digitally enhanced music performance.
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Kristoffer Jensen

Texts and research

Kristoffer Jensen obtained his Ph.D. in 1999 at the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, treating signal processing applied to music with a physical and perceptual point-of-view. He has been involved in synthesizers for children, state of the art next generation effect processors, and signal processing in music informatics. His current research topic is signal processing with musical applications, and related fields, including perception, psychoacoustics, physical models and expression of music. Kristoffer Jensen was chair of the 2007 International Computer Music Conference, and he currently holds a position at the Software and Media Technology Department, Aalborg University Esbjerg as Associate Professor.

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Elisa Zurlo

Texts and inspiration

Elisa Zurlo is active in the production documentary films and video installations. Her research work consists in analysing the language of video-art as an author and as a researcher.

Invited in artistic-residence from 1995 to 2003 at the CICV Pierre Schaeffer, she has investigated in depth into the electronic-arts elaborating with new langages, poetry, pictures, urban space, landscape, and memory. To approach these questions as an artist, she initiated and took part in the production of the multimedia installation “Salitude”, “Flying Cities” (project supported by “Culture 2000”), and “The gardens of salt”.

At the same time she has kept a creative dialogue with the cinema, cooperating in 2003 at the opening of the “Polygone etoilé”, the new centre for cineastes and videomakers in Marseille (France). She cooperates with the association and the archives Boart in Bologna et Kineo in Trieste.


Babilu Volati was interpreted by the following singers:

Christina Dahl

Performance at Pressen, Copenhagen, May 19th at 20:00.

Nabina Bensouda

Performances at Copenhagen City Square  (Rådhuspladsen), May 23rd and 24th at 20:00.


Babilu Volati was created thanks to the support of:

Frederik Hilmer @ Obscura

Myriam Forgeron

Pictures and Flash animations.

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