AnimationFeel free to test the visual or audio demos of Babilu volati !

Phonem detection

This is a small application which demonstrate the detection of phonems in live speech.
- Download and unzip it. For MAC OS X only !


Dowload Babilu Volati screenshots for your desktop ! (1280x1024).
BV desktop 1 BV desktop 2 BV desktop 3 BV desktop 4 

3d Models

Get 3D models to visualize with "osgviewer" from Open Scene Graph.
Download Download crystal_7_thumb.png Download crystal_10_thumb.png Download crystal_12_thumb.png Download fc_scene_thumb.png
How to proceed :
1.  Download and install OpenSceneGraph from here.
2. Directly open the .zip file with 'osgviewer' (from linux console or Windows OSG console type "osgviewer" )

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